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Author Topic: Class Registration  (Read 6488 times)

Linda Mecklenburg

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Class Registration
« on: August 22, 2016, 11:07:41 PM »
Class registration is different from Forum registration. When you sign up for the Forum, be sure to use your real name so that when you register and pay for a class, we can match that name to the name in the forum.

Once you register for an online class (group class or independent study), Lisa does a search for a Forum profile to match the Paypal purchase. If you do not use your name, she won't be able to add you to a class.

Once you are added, you will get "access" to the class just before the class is due to begin, which means you should be able to see it when you log onto the forum.

If you think you should have access but do not, contact Lisa at and she will to figure out why not. Usually it means you did not use your name when registering for the Forum.

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